Everton, IN

President: Greg Hofer
Phone : 765-220-2574

Vice President: Derrick Foster
Phone : 812-584-3957

Treasurer: Dick Oster
Phone : 859-221-8411

Field Trial Secretary: Jeff Leonard
Email: chflnghair@gmail.com
Phone: (317) 664-1708

Headquarters & Directions
Everton Fire Department
5495 South State Road 1
Connersville, IN 47331

Approximately 5 miles south of Connersville, IN or 10 miles north of Brookville, IN. State Road 1. Fire station is located at flashing light in Everton, IN. 

March 9-10 2019         78 Total Entries
13" Males         13 Entries
1st -JCs Artic Icecube
​Sire - FCGD JCs Artic Iceman
Dam - FCGD Armandos Mateless Maggie
Breeder - John Burnett
Owner -Richard Welsh

2nd - Fishing Creek Crowder
Sire - Fishing Creek Bruiser
​Dam - Hare Razing Maggie
Breeder - Ricky Anders
Owner -Jason Steelman

3rd - Gitche Gumees Bull Ramos
Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
Dam - Bachmans Whistlin Dixie
Breeder - Scott Bachman
Owner -Floyd Keith Jr.

4th - Three Pines Double Duce
Sire - FC Eyers Little Rosco
Dam - FCGD Jump-n-Run Grace Watson
Breeder - Jeff Martin
Owner -Jason Steelman

NBQ - River Bottoms Grave Digger
Sire - Haunted Grave Digger
Dam - Milam Little Bit
Breeder - Alvin Milan
Owner -Joe Clark

15" Males         25 Entries
1st -Big Beavers Mr Pay-Sir
​Sire - FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie
Dam - Four Mile Preaching Blue Dixie
Breeder - Greg Hofer
Owner -Richard Howell

2nd - Fetts Frank the Tank
Sire - Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy
​Dam - Fetts Pushing Up Daisy
Breeder - Jason Fetter
Owner -Jason Fetter

3rd - Evas Manitou Gator
Sire - IFC Ceder Beck Oliver
Dam - Black River Babe
Breeder - Tom Summers
Owner -Brian Eva

4th - Gem City Captain Morgan
Sire - Tri State Chowder
Dam - Meachums Gothie Chick
Breeder - Brian Atkinson
Owner -Ron Preston

NBQ - Rips Rippin Down The Trail
Sire - Collins Slow Down Leroy
Dam - Lone Acres Loney Lady
Breeder - Rodney Tyree
Owner -Tyler Watson

13" Females         27 Entries
1st -Drycreeks Bunny Bandit Bonnie
​Sire - Washburn Valleys Little Tuffy
Dam - Love My Rockn Fearsome
Breeder - Talikua Scott
Owner -Talikua Scott

2nd - Talkabout Kristy
Sire - FCGD Chesters Cheeto
​Dam - Talkabout Peggy
Breeder - Donald Hoog
Owner -Donald Hoog

3rd - Green Bay Baylor
Sire - FC Litaways Captain Morgan
Dam - Green Bay Sassy Magoo
Breeder - Jim Hall
Owner -Scott Midlam

4th - Show Mes Hot Pepper
Sire - FCGD Musgraves Bloomfield Duke
Dam - Show Mes Suzy
Breeder - Jason Musgrave
Owner -Todd Jones

NBQ - Bridgefield Southern Bell
Sire - FCGD Sand Creek Jax
Dam - Pinnacle Valleys Rising Qeen
Breeder - Dwight Nelson
Owner -Orlando Nelson

15" Females        13  Entries
1st -White Oak Creek Shanas Lil Shea
​Sire - FC Chimney Rocks KY Lucky
Dam - FCGD White Oak Creeks Jadas Shana
Breeder - Scott & Bill Music
Owner -Scott & Bill Music

2nd - Topfuel Racin Ruby
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
​Dam - Jakes Blue Belle II
Breeder - John Brightbill & Dane Kenell
Owner -John Brightbill & Jason Gibson

3rd - Live Action Annie Get Your Gun
Sire - FC Dago Valley Bullet
Dam - FC Huberts Riddle Run Mach One Mili
Breeder - Jim Willoughby
Owner -Jim Willoughby & Dereck Foster

4th - Blanks Moonshine Music
Sire - PB Blue Goose
Dam - Blanks Moonshine
Breeder - Curtis Blank
Owner -Curtis Blank

NBQ - White Oak Creeks Bellas Myka
Sire - FC Dago Valley Bullet
Dam - FC White Oak Creek Jadas Bella
Breeder - Scott & Bill Music
Owner -Scott & Bill Music

May 19 2019  Derby      20 Total Entries
13" Combined      12 Entries
1st -The Elms Way Fast Frenchman
​Sire - Frenchmans Zacarys Last
Dam - Frenchmans Tinkerbell
Breeder - Don Lecount
Owner -Trevor Adams

2nd - Robinsons High Hope Charlie
Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tougher Than Yers
​Dam - Round Mountain Cindy
Breeder - Dwight Mahaffey& Anthony Hall
Owner -Ronnie Robinson

3rd - Robinsons Cowboy Ralph
Sire - FCGD Cross Creek Cowboy Jack
Dam - Kinslows Shooting Star
Breeder - Lisa & Ronnie Robinson
Owner -Lisa & Ronnie Robinson

4th - Shumakers Stylish Lil Lilly
Sire - Rock River Spot
Dam - Stylish Woo Woo
Breeder - DJ McCombs
Owner -John Shumaker

NBQ - B & B Rabbit Habbit Bella II
Sire - Satsuma Nugget
Dam - Hobbs Indian Jill
Breeder - Butch Pritchett
Owner -Butch Pritchett

15" Combined      8 Entries
1st -Lil O's Mr PJ
​Sire - FCGD Big Beavers Mr Pay Sir
Dam - Tolers Jo Jo
Breeder - Jacob Toler
Owner -Tyler Howell

2nd - Big Hill Ghost Ryder
Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
​Dam - Round Mountain Cindy
Breeder - Dwight Mahaffey & Anthony Hall
Owner -Richard Depaula

3rd - Fork Swamp Banchee
Sire - FCGD Rileys Bad Moe Foe
Dam - FCGD Peters P&P Dixie
Breeder - Clara Allen
Owner -Rileys Rolling Kennels

4th - Rileys Rolling Digger
Sire - FCLP Awful Bawling Get A Wack Ater
Dam - FCLP Huntspur Sweet & Low Suki
Breeder - Gary L Bidwell
Owner -Rileys Rolling Kennels

NBQ - Ross's R&R Blonde Bombshell
Sire - FCLP Peters P&P Iceman
Dam - FCLP Smokey Joes Penny
Breeder - Joe Alexander
Owner -Duane Ross