15" Males     26 Entries
1st - Noe Him By Machine Gun Max  Owner - Jack Lawhorn
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
Dam - Maple Hill Beatrice
Breeder - Jack Lawhorn & John Brightbill

2nd - Miles Rolling Dice  Owner - Jeremy Miles
Sire - FCLP Big Citys Rolling Stone
​Dam - Backus Creeks Penny
Breeder - Harrold Hollister

3rd - Pistol Pete Lucas  Owner - Mark Brown
Sire - NLPC IFC Cedar Beck Oliver
Dam - Black River Babe
Breeder - Tom Summers

4th - Knight Line Topper  Owner - Jim Knight
Sire - FCGD Knight Line Rush
Dam - FCGD Hucks Run Stardust
Breeder - Mike Johnson

NBQ - FCGD SO-LO Gauges Yodi  Owner - Sonny Spoonamore
Sire - Shultz Creek Hillbilly Gauge
Dam - Hills Storm Chaser
Breeder  - Don Smith

1st - Rosss R&R Wicked Wanda  Owner - Duane Ross
Sire - FCLP Peters P&P Iceman II
Dam - NLPC FC Nemaskets Big Spring
Breeder - Duane Ross

2nd - Talkabout Alice    Owner - Don Hoog
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
​Dam - NLPC FC Talkabout Dotty
Breeder - Don Hoog

3rd - Real Big Deal Cookie   Owner - Andy Jones
Sire - FCGD Top Fuel Chester
Dam - Jakes Blue Bell II
Breeder - John Brightbill & Dave Kennel

4th - FCGD Noe Her By Rose Bud    Owner - Jason Gibson
Sire - FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie
Dam - Noe Her By Handy
Breeder - Jason Gibson

NBQ - White Oak Creek Shanas Shea    Owner Scott & Bill Music
Sire - FCGD Chimney Rocks Ky Lucky
Dam - FCGD White Oak Creek Jadas Shana
Breeder - Scottt & Bill Music

Total Entries -97
15" Females     28 Entries
1st - Fetts Hey Zuess  Owner Jason Fetter
Sire - Wapejo Lt. Dan Crazy
Dam - Frenchmans Savavah
Breeder - Dan LaCount

2nd - FCGD Bokes Creek Jate Lobell  Owner - Ray Smalley
Sire - FCGD Triple Ds Rockstar Ricky
​Dam - Hopkins Wolfcreek LoKo Go Molly
Breeder - Chris Hopskins

3rd - Gitchs Gumees Bull Ramos   Owner - Floyd Keith Jr
Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
Dam - Bachmans Whistlin Daisy
Breeder - Scott Bachman

4th - JCs Hank Jr  Owner - Joe Clark & Richard Welsch
Sire - Brankos Gunna Hank It
Dam - Brankos Lucky Lady
Breeder - Rodger Brock

NBQ - Fetts Frank The Tank        Owner - Jason Fetter
Sire - Wapejo Lt. Dan Crazy
Dam - Fetts Pushing Up Daisy
Breeder - Jason Fetter 

1st - Crystals Doc Ruby    Owner - Denny Dugan
Sire - FCGD Brankos Doc Watson
Dam -  FCGD Brankos River Woman
Breeder -  Denny Dugan & Branko Krpan

2nd - Wades Emily    Owner - Tyler and Kevin Wade
Sire -  FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie
​Dam - FCLP Plover River Killer Bee
Breeder - Dan Johnson

3rd - Riverbends Jill     Owner - Brian Garmatter
Sire - FCGD RIverbends Speedy Gonzales
Dam -  Eyers Little Jill
Breeder - Tony Eyer

4th - Jump -N -Run Docs Lucy    Owner - Jeff Martin
Sire - FCGD Brankos Doc Watson
Dam - FC Hines Quick Kaddie
Breeder - Jeff MArtin

NBQ - Jump -N- Run Nat Nat Watson
Sire - FCGD Brankos Doc Watson
Dam - FC Brankos Cool Nellie
Breeder -  Denny Dugan & Branko Krpan

13" Males        24 Entries
13" Females        19 Entries
1st - Rileys Rollin Miss Dixie   Owner - Riley Miles
Sire - Rileys Rollin Bad Moe Foe Jr
Dam - Rices All Out Amy
Breeder - Roger Stocton

2nd - Make Em Tap Out Sally     Owner - Chad Wallace
Sire - Kick Me Out Wags
​Dam - Roys Little Landy III
Breeder - Roy Manas

3rd - McDavid Ky Lucky Charm  Owner- Josh Mcdavid
Sire - FCGD Chimneys Rock Ky Lucky
Dam - Halls Smokin Gun Blue Blaze
Breeder - Renis Griffie

4th - Main Events Sammie Tone   Owner  - Chris Howell
Sire - FCLP Amons Riverland Sampson
Dam - Good Times Super Chic
Breeder - Brian Atkinson & Donnie Campbell

NBQ - Behens Roxy    Owner - John Behen
Sire - FCGD FCLP A Touch Of Pace Rocky
Dam - Coohens Ruby Tuesday
Breeder - Mitch & Alex Anderson

15" Females        6 Entries
1st - Crystals Lucky Butter Bean     Owner -  Denny Dugan
Sire - FC Crystals Olympain Lucky
Dam - FC Crystals Fine String Bean
Breeder - Denny Dugan

2nd - Evas Manitou Brusier   Owner - Brian Eva
Sire - Evas Manitou Gator
​Dam - Karess Brush Busting Lighting
Breeder - Eugene Kares

3rd - Brystals Lynns Bunny Baron Owner -Brystal Lynn Inklebargar
Sire - Glomskis Indiana Jack
Dam - Drycreeks Sweet Running Maple
Breeder - Brystal Lynn Inklebargar

4th - B and Bs Rabbit  Habit Will  Owner-Danny King & Eric Craum
Sire - Satuma Nugget
Dam - Hobbs Indian Doll
Breeder - Butch Prictett

NBQ - Top Fuel SImba     Owner - Randy Hicks
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Top Fuel Chester
Dam - Creekside Little Suzie
Breeder - Randy Hicks

15" Males       16 Entries
1st - Eyers Sparrow    Owner - Tony Eyers
Sire - FC Eyers Little Rocsoe
Dam - Blue Slys Johnny Jewel
Breeder - Tony Eyers

2nd - Knobstones Mystic Rose    Owner  - Adams Saunders
Sire - FCGD Glomskis Big Time
​Dam - AB Gails Multifloria Rose
Breeder - Adam Saunders

3rd - Talkabout Christy     Owner - Don Hoog
Sire - FCGD Chesters Cheeto
Dam - Talkabout Peggy
Breeder - Don Hoog

4th - River Bottom Grave Digger II Owner-Joe Clark
Sire - Haunted Grave Digger
Dam - Milam Little Bit
Breeder - Alvin Milam

NBQ - Sizemores Singing Lilly   Owner - Charles Sizemore
Sire - Hare Triggers Nun Chuck
Dam - Sizemores Top Notch Jill
Breeder - Charles Tankersley

13 " Combined   10 Entires
Sorry No Photo



Jan 4-6 2020

15" Males       25 Entries

96 Total Entries

1st -Sand Creek Ranger Judd   
​Sire - Sand Creek Judd
Dam - Bradshaws Queen
Breeder - Nolan Privett
Owner -Dwight Mahaffy & Ricky Depaula

2nd - Fox Creek Come Back Kid
Sire -  Fox Creek Lets Go Jake
​Dam - Oppermans Miss Abby
Breeder - Frank Miller
Owner -Frank Miller

3rd - Sand Creek Flint
Sire - Sand Creek Judd
Dam - Sand Creek Daisy
Breeder - Nolan Privett
Owner -Ricky Depaula

4th - Crystals Lucky Butter Bean
Sire - FC Crystals Olympian Luck
Dam - FC Crystals Free String Bean
Breeder - Denny Dugan
Owner -Denny Dugan

NBQ - Evas Manitou Gator
Sire - IFC Ceder Beck Oliver
Dam - Black River Babe
Breeder - Tom Summers
Owner -Brian Eva

13" Males       19 Entries

1st -Gitche Gumees Bull Ramos
​Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
Dam - Bachmans Whistlin Dixie
Breeder - Scott Bachman
Owner -Floyd Keith Jr.

2nd - Fetts Frank the Tank
Sire - Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy
​Dam - FCGD Fetts Pushing Up Daisy
Breeder - Jason Fetter
Owner -Jason Fetter

3rd - Kick-Me -Out Blacky
Sire - FCGD Bokes Creek Jake Lobell
Dam - Manns Brandi
Breeder - Joe Dillinger
Owner -Chad Wallace

4th - Keller Hook Up Spook
Sire - FCLP Southwoods Spook
Dam - Keller Molly Flash
Breeder - Ruben Keller Jr
Owner -Joe Clark & Richard Welsch

NBQ - Travis Creek Big Jake
Sire - Round Mountian Jack
Dam - B&M Hillbilly Blue Suede
Breeder - Tim Hignite
Owner -Steve Spurlock

15" Females       27 Entries

​1st -Crooked C's Cupcake Tate
​Sire - Murphys Dreaming Demon
Dam - Scroghams Red Tick Rose
Breeder - C David Martin
Owner -Brad Sizemore & Ricky Depaula

2nd - FCGD Topfuel Racin Ruby
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
​Dam - Jakes Blue Belle II
Breeder - John Brightbill & Dane Kenell
Owner -John Brightbill & Jason Gibson

3rd - FCGD Mojos Sadie
Sire - All Righty Then Ace Venture
Dam - TT Trailblazin Trixie
Breeder - Noble Young
Owner -Bryan Bush

4th - Cedar Creeks Gracie
Sire - FCGD Dago Valley Bullet
Dam - FCGD Huberts Riddle Run Mach One Milli
Breeder - Jim Willoughby
Owner -Jon Witt

NBQ - Rosss R&R Honey Badger
Sire - FCLP Peters P&P Iceman II
Dam - FCLP Fletchers Satsuma Lady
Breeder - David Ross
Owner -David Ross

13" Females       25 Entries

1st -Smoke Break Daisy
​Sire - FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie
Dam - Hicksters Race Ya to the Bottle
Breeder - Randy Hicks
Owner -Randy Hicks

2nd - Jaquays Whiskey
Sire - FC Wes's Whitey
​Dam - FCGD Mayards Echo
Breeder - Robert Maynard
Owner -Colton Jaquay

3rd - Crystals Doc Leah
Sire - FCGD Brankos Doc Watson
Dam - FCGD Crystals Olympian Lexi
Breeder - Denny Dugan
Owner -Denny Dugan

4th - Show Mes Hot Pepper
Sire - FCGD Musgraves Bloomfield Duke
Dam - Show Mes Suzy
Breeder - Jason Musgrave
Owner -Ryan Durham

NBQ - Plover River Hailey
Sire - FCLP Wilsons Izzo
Dam - FCGD Plover River Hot To Trot
Breeder - Dan Johnson
Owner -Tyler & Kevin Wade

13" Combined Derby    15 Entries

1st -Robinsons Blue Smoke Sounder
​Sire - FCGD Cross Creek Cowboy Jack
Dam - FC Jump-N-Run Xena
Breeder - Jeff Martin
Owner -Ronnie Robinson

2nd - Bunker Hill Suzie Kaye
Sire - Jigs Iron Ike
​Dam - Sahdy Lane Dixie Belle
Breeder - Melvin Gingerich
Owner -Melvin Gingerich

3rd - Branko's Blue Bear
Sire - FTC Branko's MTM
Dam - Branko's Stylish Blue
Breeder - Branko Krpan
Owner -Joe Clark & Richard Welsch

4th - The Elms Way Fast Frenchman
Sire - Frenchmans Zacarys Last
Dam - Frenchmans Tinkerbell
Breeder - Don Lecount
Owner -Trevor Adams

NBQ - JC's Proper Katie
Sire - FCGD JC's Hank Jr
Dam - Stans Alley Cat
Breeder - Joe Clark
Owner -Joe Clark & Richard Welsch

15" Combined Derby    11 Entries

1st -CrossRoad Freckled Frank
​Sire - Knipps Blueberry Flash
Dam - Jay Jays Jammin Jessie Jo
Breeder - Douglas Stone
Owner -Mike Baye/Ricky Depaula

2nd - Big Hill Ghost Ryder
Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
​Dam - Round Mountain Cindy
Breeder - Dwight Mahaffey & Anthony Hall
Owner -Richard Depaula

3rd - Chase 'em Down Blackjack
Sire - Skyview Thunder
Dam - Hayes Bugsy
Breeder - Sidney Allen Hayes
Owner -Cody Stumph

4th - S.A.L Kate 2
Sire - NLCP FC Cedar Beck Oliver
Dam - Wades Emily
Breeder - Kevin & Tyler Wade
Owner -Kevin & Tyler Wade

NBQ - Fork Swamp R&R Beach Blonde
Sire - FDGD Rileys Bad Moe Foe
Dam - FCGD Peters P&P Dixie
Breeder - Clara Allen
Owner -Duane Ross