Hall of Fame Members
Hall of Fame Hounds
R.B. Sester

Gene Benischek

James Ritter

John New

Linton Cress

Carl Johnson

Rudy LaPoint

Fred Faust

Larry Carter

Walter Hood

Don Hoog

Morton Sexton

Tony Eyer

Larry Fout

Dan Mullens 

Joes Fisher

Walter Johnson

Robert Johnson

​Milton Goings

Cletus D. Shaw

Clarence D. Shaw

Larry Hunt 

Roy Gardner

Harry Wilson

James Latimer

Scott Music

Donnie Goforth

Roy Noe

Joe Clark

John Dewyse

Jeff Martin

Jerry Eversole

Denny Dugan

Donnie "Peanut" Willis

FC Indians Hills Majer   Owned By R.B. Sester

IFC Trakarab Pacesetter  Owned By John Dewyse

IFC Mark V Ace In The Hole   Owned By Don Hoog

FC Macraes Little Pete  Owned By James Ritter

FC Turbo Powered By Prop  Owned By Hon Hoog

Holesacked Cool Charlene  Owned By Gene Benischek

IFC Brankos Heli-Prop    Owned By Branko & Frieda Krpan

Eyers Geneo    Owned By Tony Eyer

FC Elk Creek Blue Babe   Owned By 

FC Durhams Lily     Owned By Denny Dugan

NLPC FC Branko's Olympus   Owned By Branko & Frieda Krpan

FC Hines Quick Kaddie   Owned By Jeff Martin

FC White Oak Creek B&J Blitz   Owned By Scott & William Music

FCGD Jump-N-Run Xena    Owned By Jeff Martin

FC Mountain Ash Dino   Owned By Chris Powers & Jimmy Roark

FC Halls Boomer By Baron  Owned By Joe Clark & Richard Welsh

FCGD Branko's Doc Watson

FC Larsen's Penny Too