May 4-5 2019        85 Total Entries
15" Males            33 Entries
13" Males            17 Entries
15" Females            19 Entries
13" Females            16 Entries
1st -Riverbends Trump
​Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
Dam - Hee Haws Rock Run Ruckus
Breeder - Jason Gibson
Owner -Ricky Depaula

2nd - Evas Manitou Gator
Sire - IFC Ceder Beck Oliver
​Dam - Black River Babe
Breeder - Tom Summers
Owner -Brian Eva

3rd - Rileys Rolling Rebel
Sire - Hayden Creek Jazzy Jasper
Dam - Hayden Creek Misty
Breeder - Joe Jisco
Owner -Rileys Rolling Kennel

4th - Crystals Lucky Butter Bean
Sire - FC Crystals Olympian Luck
Dam - FC Crystals Free String Bean
Breeder - Denny Dugan
Owner -Denny Dugan

NBQ - Perrys Jack Mcall
Sire - Wapejo Lt. Dan Crazy
Dam - FCGD Fetts Pushing Up Daisy
Breeder - Jason Fetter
Owner -Oscar Perry

1st -Fetts Hey Zeus
​Sire - Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy
Dam - Frenchmans Savannah
Breeder - Don Lecount
Owner -Jason Fetter

2nd - Robinsons Hard Rock
Sire - Turners Fearsome Storm Buster
​Dam - Turner-Spring-Sally
Breeder - Tony Turner
Owner -Ronnie & Lisa Robinson

3rd - Black Creek Hollow Bocephus
Sire - FC Brankos Doc Watson
Dam - FCGD Crystals Olympian Lexi
Breeder - Denny Dugan
Owner -Danielle & Ryan Becker

4th - Chelsea Mann Get-R-Hunter
Sire - FCGD Kimbrels Super Fly Trick
Dam - JRs Cornbread Red
Breeder - Ronald Conroe
Owner -Shannon Mann

NBQ - Jigs Iron Ike
Sire - Frenchmans Zackarys Last
Dam - Wapego Hillary
Breeder - James Deel
Owner -Trevor Adams

1st -White Oak Creek Shanas Lil Shea
​Sire - FC Chimney Rocks KY Lucky
Dam - FCGD White Oak Creeks Jadas Shana
Breeder - Scott & Bill Music
Owner -Scott & Bill Music

2nd - Make Em Tap Out Sally
Sire - Kick Me Out Wags
​Dam - Roy Little Lady III
Breeder - Roy Manns
Owner -Chad Wallace

3rd - Topfuel Racin Ruby
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
Dam - Jakes Blue Belle II
Breeder - John Brightbill & Dane Kenell
Owner -John Brightbill & Jason Gibson

4th - White Oak Creeks Bellas Myka
Sire - FC Dago Valley Bullet
Dam - FC White Oak Creek Jadas Bella
Breeder - Scott & Bill Music
Owner -Scott & Bill Music

NBQ - Evas Manitou Bella
Sire - FC Cereal City Wango Tango
Dam - Evas Manitou Belle
Breeder - Brian Eva & Eugene Kares
Owner -Brian Eva

1st -Three Pines Will O The Wisp
​Sire - FCDG Chimney Rocks Ky Lucky
Dam - WFO Showtime Pearl
Breeder - Mark Brown
Owner -Jason Steelman

2nd - Williams Sissy Two Tuff
Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
​Dam - Bachmans Big Sissy
Breeder - Thomas Hodshire
Owner -Ken Williams

3rd - Real Big Deal Cookie
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
Dam - Jakes Blue Bell II
Breeder - John Brightbill
Owner -Dan Spalding & Andy Jones

4th - Smoke Break Daisy
Sire - FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie
Dam - Hicksters Race Ya to the Bottle
Breeder - Randy Hicks
Owner -Randy Hicks

NBQ - Bellarose Tuff
Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
Dam - Brown Ridge Ramblin Rose
Breeder - Sue Bachman
Owner -Ken Williams

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Martinsburg, OH

Club Officers
President: Brian Meade

Vice President: Brian Hutton

Treasurer: Dave McVay

Field Trial Secretary: Andy Jones

Field Trial Chairman : Donald McVay

Headquarters & Directions
Martinsburg Community Center,  
2870 Millersburg Rd, Utica Oh