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SECTION 1: The name of the federation shall be the Mid-West Beagle Gundog Federation
(MWBGA). The name cannot be changed without reorganization of the federation.

SECTION 2: The objects of the federation shall be:
    (a) To encourage and promote the breeding of AKC registered beagles and to do all possible to
         bring their natural qualities to perfection, and to promote said beagles as hunting hounds.
    (b) To conduct a championship runoff trial for hounds that have qualified at qualifying and
          licensed trials of the member clubs that year.
    (c) To assist any member club in any way possible towards obtaining an AKC licensed trial.
    (d) To conduct a derby championship runoff. This trial will be held along with the all-age
          championship. No club shall hold a trial to conflict with the championship.

SECTION 3: The federation shall not be conducted for profit and no part of any profits or
remainder of residue from dues or donations to the federation shall insure to the benefit of any
member club or to any individual.

SECTION 4: The delegates of the member clubs and the officers shall adopt and may from time
to time revise such by-laws as may be required to carry out these objectives by ¾ majority vote
after the new item or revision has first been taken back to the member clubs and discussed.



SECTION 1: ELIGIBILITY: Any club in good standing with the AKC may apply.

SECTION 2: MEMBERSHIP DUES: Dues are to be $50 per year and payable at the annual
meeting of each year. No delegates may vote at the annual meeting or thereafter if the club they
represent has not paid its dues. There will be a 60-day grace period before membership is
considered lapsed.

SECTI0N 3: ELECTION TO MWBGA MEMBERSHIP: Any club wishing to join the federation must
make such request in writing to the federation secretary accompanied by their membership dues.
They will have to hold two trials within six months of each other, which will be observed by either
an officer of the federation or one of the delegates. After the two trials have been held and a
report is heard from the observers, the federation will vote on whether or not to accept the new
club. A 3/4 affirmative vote is needed to be accepted. The two trial observation rule may be
waived by a unanimous vote at any regular federation meeting.

SECTION 4: TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Memberships may be terminated by:
    (a) BY RESIGNATION: Any club in good standing may resign from the federation by written
         notice to the Secretary. No refund on dues will be given.
    (b) BY LAPSING: Any club whose dues have lapsed may be terminated from membership.
    (c) BY EXPULSION: A club may be expelled as provided in Article VI of these by-laws.


Section 1: 

1. The three regular meetings shall be as follows:
    a. The annual meeting shall be held in January of the first quarter of each year,
    b. The second regular meeting shall be held in the 2nd quarter of each year.
    c. The third regular meeting shall be held in the 3rd or 4th quarter of each year.

2. One regular meeting shall be held at the MWBGA Championship Runoff.

3. The exact date, time, and place will be established at the prior meeting. The quorum for these
meetings will be 50% of the attending delegates and officers.

SECTION 2: SPECIAL MEETINGS: Special meetings may be called by any two officers or by the
secretary upon receipt of a petition signed by four delegates. Such meetings shall be held at a
reasonable place, date, and hour and set up be the persons calling for the meeting. The persons
calling such meeting shall also be responsible for contacting every delegate and officer and
informing them of it. Only the purpose or purposes for which the meeting was called are to be
discussed and no other business is to be discussed or acted upon. The quorum for such meetings
is the same for regular meetings.

SECTION 3: VOTING: Each delegate and each officer will have one vote, provided the club that
the delegate is representing has its dues paid and is in good standing with the federation. The
president of the federation may only vote in case of a tie. There shall be no proxy voting.


SECTION 1: DELEGATES: Each club shall have two delegates. A delegate cannot be an officer in
the federation. The secretary of the federation must have the names on a clubs membership list.
It is up to each individual member club to send their membership list in and to keep them
    (a) It is the delegate’s responsibility to inform his or her club of any forthcoming changes or any
          motions made to change the by-laws and constitution.

SECTION 2: OFFICERS: Officers of the Mid-West Beagle Gundog Federation shall consist of a
President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
    (a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the federation and shall have the duties and 
          powers normally implied to the officer of president in addition to those specifically implied in
          these by-laws and constitution.
    (b) The Vice President shall have the duties and exercise the power of the President in case of
          the President's death, absence, or incapacity.
    (c) The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the federation and of all matter, which a
          record shall be ordered by the federation. They shall have charge of correspondence, notify clubs
          of meetings, and carry out any other duties prescribed in these by-laws.
    (d) The Treasurer shall collect and receive all monies due or belonging to the MWBGA. The books
          shall be open to inspection at all times. The treasurer shall report at every meeting on the state
          of the federation's finances and report every item of receipt or payment.

SECTION 3: OFFICER VACANCIES: Any vacancy of an officer's position occurring during the year
shall be filled by majority vote at the first regular meeting following such vacancy. The exception
being that in the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice President would step up
and then that office would be voted upon. Any officer missing three consecutive meetings
without just cause will have their office declared vacant.


SECTION 1: FEDERATION YEAR: The federation's fiscal year shall begin January 1st and extend
to December 31st. The official year shall be the same.

SECTION 2: ANNUAL MEETINGS: The annual meeting shall be held in the first quarter of each
year in January. This annual meeting will be held the Saturday evening of the corresponding
trial. During such meeting officers will be elected by closed ballot for the coming year. They shall
take office upon election and each retiring officer shall turn over all properties and records within
30 days.
    (a) The position of officers are voted as is. The president and treasurer are voted on at the same
          meeting. The vice-president and secretary are voted on the following year.

SECTION 3: ELECTIONS: The nominated candidate receiving the most votes for each office shall
be declared elected.

    (a) NOMINATIONS: No person shall be a candidate in the elections unless they were nominated.
         Self-nomination is not allowed.
    (b) Nominations must be made by a delegate of a MWBGA club or one of the MWBGA officers.
          Visitors and non-delegates aren't allowed to make nominations.


SECTION 1: The federation may appoint committees to carry out various tasks throughout the
year. Such committees shall always be subject to the final authority of the federation except for
the Field Trial Committee.

SECTION 2: The field trial committee for the championship runoff trial shall be made up of the
officers of the federation and others appointed to the duty. Their duties is to handle any
problems of disputes, which may arise at the championship runoff trial.


SECTION 1: Expulsion of any club from the federation must be by a unanimous vote (club in
question can not vote nor any officers from that club) and the club in question must be given
adequate time at such meeting to present its defense


SECTION 1: Amendments to the constitution and by-laws may be proposed by any officer or
delegate. They will then be taken back to each member club for discussion and voted upon at the
next regular federation meeting. A 3/4 vote by the delegates and officers in attendance at that
following meeting is required to pass any amendment.
    (a) MEMBERSHIP DUES: Dues are to be $50.00 per year and payable at the January federation
         meeting of each year. No delegates may vote at any federation meeting unless the club they're
         representing has paid it's membership dues before said meeting. There will be a sixty day grace
         period before membership is considered lapsed. (ARTICLE 1-Section 2)
    (b) Each club must hold one and can hold two qualifying trials per year unless they have paid
         $50 to be exempt from having a qualifying trial. (ARTICLE IX-SECTION 1)
         1. FAILURE TO COMPLY: The club would be placed on probation the following year. Failure to
         comply during the probation year would cause the club to be presented for EXPULSION at the
         first federation meeting the following year.
    (c) Each club must send the dates of their qualifying trials to the secretary of the federation no
         later than 30 days prior to the running of the trial.
         1. FAILURE TO COMPLY: The voiding of any accumulation of points towards federation High
         Hound Awards for participating hounds. However hounds placing at such trials would still be
         eligible to run in the federation championship runoff.
    (d) Each club must report qualifying and licensed trial results to the secretary of the federation
         no later than 30 days following the date of the trial.
         1. FAILURE TO COMPLY: The voiding of any accumulation of points towards federation high
         hound awards for participating hounds. However hounds placing at such trials would still be
         eligible to run in the federation championship runoff.
    (e) Hounds placing at the championship runoff trial will obtain points towards high hound awards
         on a point scale of 5 points for 1st, 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th, and 1
         point for NBQ plus bonus points based on the system used for 1 point added for each 11, 21, ect.


SECTION 1: All officers traveling to the federation meetings may receive $20 each for expenses.

SECTION 2: Federation meetings are open and discussions are allowed by others, but motions or
votes come only from those mentioned in Article II, Section 3. The President may, however,
order the meeting closed on request of an officer or delegate.

SECTION 3: A fee of $1 is to be paid to the federation for each field entry at a qualifying trial
(derby or all-age). This fee will be turned over to the treasurer at the first quarter annual

SECTION 4: At any time that the treasurer's job changes hands the federation may have the
books audited.

SECTION 5: The federation will present a high hound award to one hound's owner in each class.
This award will be won in the following manner:

As of April 17, 2010 to hold a Derby or All-Age Qualifier there has to be at least 3 hounds to hold
a class, if owner doesn’t want to run in a combined class. There has to be five hounds present in
the class to receive the full points. For example, if only 4 dogs in class then points will be
awarded 4 for first, 3 for second, 2 for third, and 1 for fourth. If only 3 dogs in a class 3 for first,
2 for second, and 1 for third.

In addition a bonus points system applies offering one bonus points for every 10 dog entered.

For example...
  • 1-10 entries would give zero bonus points, those hounds would get only the standard ---- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • 11-20 entries would result in 1 bonus point for every placing dog so they would be scored 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • 21-30 entries would result in 1 bonus point for every placing dog so they would be scored 7, 6, 5, 4, 3
  • 31-40 entries would result in 1 bonus point for every placing dog so they would be scored 8, 7, 6, 5, 4
  • 41-50 entries would result in 1 bonus point for every placing dog so they would be scored 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,
and continued for as many entries are at the trial.

The bonus points system is set to take effect beginning January 2008 and is to reward hounds
that win and place in larger classes.

As noted in ARTICLE VII, hounds entered in the championship runoff will obtain the same
amount of points per place. At the conclusion of the runoff, total points each of the six classes
will be calculated. The hound with the highest points in its individual class will be the hound of
the year winner for that class.
    (a) In the event a tie occurs in a class for individual hounds of the year, that hound that has won
         the most trials is chosen as the winner.

SECTION 6: The federation will present a sire of the year, dam of the year, and breeder of the
year for both the derby class and the all-age class. Each placing hound is awarded one point. A
hound can't obtain points for multiple places nor places in two different classes. At the conclusion
of qualifying trials for the season, all the points will be totalled. The sire, dam, and breeder of the
year with the highest points in derby or all-age will be the winner.
    (a) In the event a tie occurs in a class, then the sire or dam whose offspring has the most wins
         shall be award the sire or dam of the year.
    (b) In the event a tie occurs in breeder of the year, then the breeder whose hounds has the most
         wins shall be awarded the breeder of the year award.


SECTION 1: QUALIFYING TRIALS: Each club must hold one, and can hold two qualifying trials per
year. Otherwise they must pay a $50.00 exemption fee. The dates will be given on a first come
first serve basis. It is also highly recommended that all member clubs also clear the rest of their
dates to avoid conflict with another member club. If you do not have the federation qualifying
trial results form, contact the secretary of the federation and they will forward one to you. All
qualifying trials are to be held under AKC small pack option rules with the exception that there
shall be no combining of classes.

SECTION 2: HOW TO QUALIFY A HOUND: In order to qualify for the MWBGA Championship
Runoff, a hound must place 1st through NBQ in the field at a qualifying or licensed trial. In
addition, any hound that's an AKC field champion or has won the runoff previously is eligible as
well in all-age classes in the particular class they finished or won in. A hound must be AKC
registered to be entered. The hound's owner must be a member of one of the member clubs or
have their application in to be a member of one of the clubs before the hound is entered. Once a
hound is qualified it is still allowed to compete in other qualifying trials. A $20.00 entry fee will
be collected at the federation championship runoff. All hounds entered at the championship
runoff must be shown at the championship runoff bench show.

    (a) HOSTING THE RUNOFF: The host club for the championship shall be any club in good
          standing with the federation. The host club must show proof of insurance. If the current host
          club cannot hold the runoff or wishes not to, then any club within the MWBGA may make a bid to
          host the runoff. The federation will absorb all expenses for awards, judges, advertising, etc. The
          host club will furnish food and drinks, although will be reimbursed for their expenses. The host
          club gets no money from entry fees or from the federation other then expenses for food and
    (b) RUNOFF JUDGES: Runoff judges are selected by the following method. The name of every
          club that is within good standing with the federation is given a number to be put into a bingo
          roller. Numbers for each club are rolled out to select judges for all-age classes are rolled out.
          That club is responsible for sending a judge to championship runoff. In addition to the two clubs
          names being rolled per class, a third alternate club is rolled to be used in case of absence.
          Judges for derby classes are then chosen in the same format. Judges for the MWBGA
          Championship Runoff will be offered $100 for their judging services.
    (c) CLASSES: There shall be six separate classes at the championship runoff no matter what the
          entry numbers is. Each hound runs in the class that it first qualifies in. Both derby classes are to
          be ran on Friday. The all-age male classes are to be ran on Saturday and the all-age female
          classes are to be ran on Sunday.
    (d) AWARDS: The amount of money to be spent on awards will be set every year at the 1st
          quarter meeting. The federation will also pay for a full-page ad in Better Beagling every year
          announcing the runoff results as well as hound of the year winners for each class. Hounds
          winning all-age hound of the year awards will be on a full page ad of Better Beagling as well.


SECTION 1: DISSOLUTION OF THE FEDERATION: The federation may be dissolved at any time
by the written consent of at least 3/4 of the delegates and officers. In the event of dissolution
none of the property, proceeds, nor assets of the federation shall be left. After payment of all
debts, remaining funds will be donated to an organization for the benefit of dogs selected by the
officers and delegates.


SECTI0N 1: At regular and special federation meetings the order of business shall be as follows:
  • Roll Call
  • Minutes of Last Meeting
  • Report of President
  • Report of Secretary
  • Report of Treasurer
  • Report of Committees
  • Elections
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Adjournment