Lancaster, KY

Website: http://centralkybeagleclub.webs.com/

Club Officers

President: Ronnie Robinson
Phone: (606) 282-8526

Vice President: Jeff Martin 
Phone: (859) 326-6068

Secretary: Lisa Robinson
Phone:(606) 282-3641

Treasurer: Twyla Goforth
Phone: (606) 787-9837

Field Trial Secretary: Ryan Durham
Phone: (270) 585-0596

Field Trial Chairman: Jason Steelman    
Phone: (270) 940-0912

Headquarters & Directions
 * Clubhouse is located 3 miles South of Lancaster off US 27 and 4 mile North of Stanford KY off US 27 on White Oak Road at Logan Hubble Park.

 * From I-75 South take Exit 62 at Mt. Vernon proceed to Stanford on US 150, turn right on to US 27, White Oak Rd. is about 4 miles North on the left. You will see the Park signs on the opposite side of the turn.

 * From I-75 North take Exit 108 Man-O-War Blvd. proceed until Nicholsville Rd. (about 10-15 min.) US 27 turn left, drive South through Lancaster to club. About 25 miles.


March 15-16 2019              136 Total Entries
13" Males                 23 Entires
1st -Fetts Hey Zeus
​Sire - Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy
Dam - Frenchmans Savannah
Breeder - Don Lecount
Owner -Jason Fetter

2nd - Fishing Creek Crowder
Sire - Fishing Creek Bruiser
​Dam - Hare Razing Maggie
Breeder - Ricky Anders
Owner -Jason Steelman

3rd - JCs Artic Icecube
Sire - FCGD JCs Artic Iceman
Dam - FCGD Armandos Mateless Maggie
Breeder - John Burnett
Owner -Richard Welsh

4th - Ne-Hi Trucker
Sire - Hensons all about the rabbit jack
Dam - Hensons Slip and Slide Lil Jill
Breeder - Curtis Henson
Owner -Emily Whitehead

NBQ - River Bottoms Grave Digger
Sire - Haunted Grave Digger
Dam - Milam Little Bit
Breeder - Alvin Milam
Owner -Joe Clark

13" Females               25 Entires
1st -Whites Ready To Run Jersey
​Sire - FCGD Eyers Jericho
Dam - B&Ms Hillbilly Blue Suede
Breeder - Bryan Caudill & Mark Hayre
Owner -Shawn White

2nd - Hoods Ms CC
Sire - Sudduttis Mississippi HD
​Dam - Hoods Molly U
Breeder - Mitchell Hood
Owner -Adam Saunders

3rd - Knobstones Mystic Rose
Sire - FCGD Glomskis Big Time
Dam - Abigails Multiflora Rose
Breeder - Adam Saunders
Owner -Barry Hutchinson

4th - Kinslows Shooting Star
Sire - Howell Valley Major
Dam - Satsuma Sarah II
Breeder - John Logan
Owner -Ronnie & Lisa Robinson

NBQ - Thomas's Salty White Blizzard
Sire - Round Mountain Jack
Dam - Dabolts Jumping JoJo
Breeder - Brian Thomas
Owner -Ronald Rose

1st -Wileys Purdy Gurl Purl
​Sire - Brankos Spotty Beast
Dam - Mountain Top Once in a Blue Moon
Breeder - Jody Hurley
Owner -Dustin Fuson & Anthony Wood

2nd - Topfuel Racin Ruby
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
​Dam - Jakes Blue Belle II
Breeder - John Brightbill & Dane Kenell
Owner -John Brightbill & Jason Gibson

3rd - Fugates Rough Creek Abby
Sire - Rickys Hard Hittin Tyson
Dam - Ricky Big Doll
Breeder - Ricky Merida
Owner -Aaron Fugate

4th - White Oak Creek Shanas Lil Shea
Sire - FC Chimney Rocks KY Lucky
Dam - FCGD White Oak Creeks Jadas Shana
Breeder - Scott & Bill Music
Owner -Scott & Bill Music

NBQ - Hertly's Hard Hitting Ice
Sire - Rices Hard Earned Cash
Dam - Hicksters Race Ya To The Bottle
Breeder - Antony Roe
Owner -Hertly Andrus

15" Females               42 Entires
15" Males               46 Entires
1st -Big Beavers Mr Pay-Sir
​Sire - FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie
Dam - Four Mile Preaching Blue Dixie
Breeder - Greg Hofer
Owner -Richard Howell

2nd - Perrys Jack Mcall
Sire - Wapejo Lt. Dan Crazy
​Dam - FCGD Fetts Pushing Up Daisy
Breeder - Jason Fetter
Owner -Oscar Perry

3rd - Riverbends Trump
Sire - FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester
Dam - Hee Haws Rock Run Ruckus
Breeder - Jason Gibson
Owner -Brian Garmatter

4th - Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder
Sire - FCGD Chimney Rocks KY Lucky
Dam - Hickory Hills Little Shy Heart
Breeder - Chris Thompson
Owner -Lijah Griffin

NBQ - Fetts Frank the Tank
Sire - Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy
Dam -  FCGD Fetts Pushing Up Daisy
Breeder - Jason Fetter
Owner -Jason Fetter

4/6/2019 Derby Trial          21 total Entries
15" Combined         13 Entries
1st -Big Hill Ghost Ryder
​Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
Dam - Round Mountain Cindy
Breeder - Dwight Mahaffey & Anthony Hall
Owner -Richard Depaula

2nd - Chase 'em Down Blackjack
Sire - Skyview Thunder
​Dam - Hayes Bugsy
Breeder - Sidney Allen Hayes
Owner -Cody Stumph

3rd - K and R's Shiny Copper
Sire - Blackburns Rockstar
Dam - Grassy Branch Patches
Breeder - John Smith
Owner -Josh Milliner

4th - Poors FP Puss-Puss
Sire - Shirleys HK Fat Daddy Prop
Dam - Poors HK Patchwork
Breeder - Ricky Poor
Owner -Ricky Poor

NBQ - Depaulas Bo On The Go
Sire - Willie Hitone Booster
Dam - Goodys Lock Lucy
Breeder - Keith Goodrich
Owner -Richard Depaula

13" Combined         8 Entries
1st -Robinsons High Hope Charlie
​Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tougher Than Yers
Dam - Round Mountain Cindy
Breeder - Dwight Mahaffey& Anthony Hall
Owner -Ronnie Robinson

2nd - Robinsons Blue Smoke Sounder
Sire - FCGD Cross Creek Cowboy Jack
​Dam - FC Jump-N-Run Xena
Breeder - Jeff Martin
Owner -Ronnie Robinson

3rd - Triple P's Bloomin Daisey
Sire - Taylors THB Dingus ML Hammer
Dam - Taylors HB Sandy
Breeder - Bob Taylor
Owner -James Padgett

4th - Huberts Zeus Of Runnin Rabbits
Sire - DT Barton's Demons Trails
Dam - DT Bartons Chubby Violet
Breeder - Dan Barton
Owner -Jeremy Hubert

NBQ - Triple P's Sweetazz Sugar
Sire - Perrys Mcrae Pete
Dam - Perrys Queen
Breeder - Micheal Slone
Owner -James Padgett