Capac, MI

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Headquarters & Directions
From I-75 take I-69 east to exit 176(Capac Road). Go north 1 mile to Donald Road. Turn west and proceed 3 miles to club. Signs will be posted.


April 4-6 2019               76 Total Entries
13" Females           13 Entries
15" Females           22 Entries
15" Males           31 Entries
13" Males           10 Entries
1st -Perrys Jack Mcall
​Sire - Wapejo Lt. Dan Crazy
Dam - FCGD Fetts Pushing Up Daisy
Breeder - Jason Fetter
Owner -Oscar Perry

2nd - Fetts Frank the Tank
Sire - Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy
​Dam -  FCGD Fetts Pushing Up Daisy
Breeder - Jason Fetter
Owner -Jason Fetter

3rd - Big Beavers Mr Pay-Sir
Sire - FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie
Dam - Four Mile Preaching Blue Dixie
Breeder - Greg Hofer
Owner -Richard Howell

4th - Crystals Lucky Butter Bean
Sire - FC Crystals Olympian Luck
Dam - FC Crystals Free String Bean
Breeder - Denny Dugan
Owner -Denny Dugan

NBQ - Evas Manitou Gator
Sire - IFC Ceder Beck Oliver
Dam - Black River Babe
Breeder - Tom Summers
Owner -Brian Eva

1st -Big Oaks Dark Horse
​Sire - Huntspurs Full Clip Uzi
Dam - Big Oaks A Lil Tipsy
Breeder - David Cluckey 
Owner -David Cluckey

2nd - Fetts Hey Zeus
Sire - Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy
​Dam - Frenchmans Savannah
Breeder - Don Lecount
Owner -Jason Fetter

3rd - Gitche Gumees Chief Eagle Eye
Sire - NLPC FCLP Riverland Hercules
Dam - Havermans Miss T
Breeder - Douglas Alan Havermans
Owner -Floyd Keith Jr.

4th - The Elms Way Fast Frenchman
Sire - Frenchmans Zackarys Last
Dam - Frenchmans Tinker Bell
Breeder - Don Lecount
Owner -Trevor Adams

NBQ - Gitche Gumees Bull Ramos
Sire - FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers
Dam - Bachmans Whistlin Dixie
Breeder - Scott Bachman
Owner -Floyd Keith Jr.

1st -Rileys Rolling Miss Dixie
​Sire - Rileys Bad Moe Foe Jr
Dam - Rices All Out Amy
Breeder - Roger Stocton
Owner -Riley Rollin Kennel

2nd - Rebel Running Poison Ivy
Sire - Big Beavers Mr. Pay Sir
​Dam - Big Beaver Zee
Breeder - Tyler Howell  
Owner -Rodney Bums & Bailey Seeyer

3rd - M & K's Bosie
Sire - Heckmans Boy Named Sue
Dam - Black River Lidsey Lola
Breeder - Mike Seaman 
Owner -Mike Seaman

4th - M & K's Gaven Twisted Sister
Sire - Heckmans Boy Named Sue
Dam - M & K's Miss Ruby
Breeder - Mike Seaman 
Owner -Kory Falor

NBQ - Cutthroat Ragin Cajun
Sire - FCLP Greenhills Red Dust
Dam - Cutthroat Kickin Kahuls
Breeder - Hosea Haralson
Owner -Hosea Haralson

1st -Smoke Break Daisy
​Sire - FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie
Dam - Hicksters Race Ya to the Bottle
Breeder - Randy Hicks
Owner -Randy Hicks

2nd - Huntspurs Fiddle Dee
Sire - FC Huntspur Woodlot Hemi
​Dam - Extra Special Peanut Butter
Breeder - Dennis Paulsen 
Owner -Gary Bidwell

3rd - Shamrocks Magic Sue
Sire - Shamrocks Doc
Dam - Thunder Oaks Magic Kelly
Breeder - Matthew Scianimancio
Owner -Larry Kavanagh

4th - Crystals Dr. Rose
Sire - FC Branko's Doc Watson
Dam - FC Durhams Lily
Breeder - Denny Dugan
Owner -Denny Dugan

NBQ - Crazy Jigs Luna Tick
Sire - Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy
Dam - Good Turnin Teenie
Breeder - Harry Heavens
Owner -Rob Underwood