15" Males

Name Sire Dam Breeder Owner Total Points # Wins #Places
FCGD Big Beavers Mr Pay-Sir FCGD Noe Him By Ohio Reggie Four Mile Preaching Blue Dixie Greg Hofer Richard Howell 48 3 8
Evas Manitou Gator IFC Ceder Beck Oliver Black River Babe Tom Summers Brian Eva 37 1 8
Riverbends Trump FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester Hee Haws Rock Run Ruckus Jason Gibson Ricky Depaula 30 1 6
Perrys Jack Mcall Wapejo Lt. Dan Crazy FCGD Fetts Pushing Up Daisy Jason Fetter Oscar Perry 26 1 4
Fetts Frank the Tank Wapejo Lt Dan Crazy  FCGD Fetts Pushing Up Daisy Jason Fetter Jason Fetter 25 0 5
Thompsons Dojo Peytons Hard Hitting Blue Ninja Hare Triggers Tiny Bug Joshua Huff Tim Thompson 21 2 4
Rileys Rolling Rebel Hayden Creek Jazzy Jasper Hayden Creek Misty Joe Jisco Rileys Rolling Kennel 18 1 3
Gem City Captain Morgan Tri State Chowder Meachums Gothie Chick Brian Atkinson Ron Preston 16 1 3
Live Action Full Clip of Bullet FCGD Dago Valley Bullet McDaniels Cherokee Hope Danny McDaniel Derrick Foster & Jim Willoughby 11 1 2
Rips Rippin Down The Trail Collins Slow Down Leroy Lone Acres Loney Lady Rodney Tyree Tyler Watson 10 1 2
Crystals Lucky Butter Bean FC Crystals Olympian Luck FC Crystals Free String Bean Denny Dugan Denny Dugan 9 0 2
Kick-Me-Out Blacky FCGD Bokes Creek Jake Lobell Mannis Brandi Joe Dillinger Joe Dillinger 7 1 1
Top Fuel Simba FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester Creekside Little Susie Earl Carter  Randy Hicks 7 1 1
New Country Frost FCGD Dutch Hollows El Grito Diablo Rock Bottom Zena Jason Allen Anthony Wood & Dustin Fuson 7 0 2
Dotson Miloh Dotsons Capital One Stone River Molly Brandon Lambert Orvel Bryant 6 0 1
FCGD Cinnamon Run Dickson Cinnamon Run Richard KY Mth Saffi Mike Crabtree Mike Crabtree 6 0 1
Fox Creek Come Back Kid  Fox Creek Lets Go Jake Oppermans Miss Abby Frank Miller Frank Miller 6 0 1
Hibbards Branko Duke FC Brankos Chubby Checkers M.R. Smith Sue Mark Smith Zach Hibbard 6 0 1
Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder FCGD Chimney Rocks KY Lucky Hickory Hills Little Shy Heart Chris Thompson Lijah Griffin 6 0 1
LiL O's Mr PJ Big Beavers Mr Pay Sir Tolers Jo Jo Jacob Lee Tucker Tyler Howell 5 0 1
Noe Him By Machine Gun Max FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester Maple Hill Beatrice John Brightbill & Jack Longhorn Rusty Mitchell 5 0 1
Sizemores Big Head Boss Hogg Hare Triggers Nunchuck Sizemores Top Notch Jill Charles Tankersley Bradley Sizemore 5 0 1
Thompsons Craybank Rhoades FCGD Arkmos Chopper FCGD Thompsons Try My Patience Eddy Williams Arlie Thompson & Bruce Sampson 5 0 1
Big Hill Ghost Ryder FCGD Backmans Tuffer Then Yers Round Mountain Cindy Dwight Mahaffey & Anthony Hall Ricky Depaula 4 0 1
Blackburns Snowman Wagers Good As Cash Wagers Primetime Candy Kevin Mcintosh Paul Blackburn 4 0 1
Collins Slow Down Gator FCGD Collins Slow Down Roscoe Evans Sugar Jonathan Collins Bradley Sizemore 4 0 1
East Coast Old Dirty South Red Cereal City Bear Necessities White Oak Creek Belle Bell   Anthony Wood & Dustin Fuson 4 0 1
Bark Camps Micken Chicken FC Mountain Ash Dino Bark Camps Free Wheeler Jimmy Roark Danny Mcdaniel 3 0 1
Chipmans Ridge Barney Hollywood Reggie Scroghams Blue Smooth Silk Roger Sounder Nicholas Day 3 0 1
Fifty Hi T Shogun Moneysunk Slick 50 Reggie Hitone Becky Larry Campbell Larry Campbell 3 0 1
Slick Sonny Moneysunk Slick 50 Reggie Hitone Becky Larry Campbell Keith Goodrich 3 0 1
Evas Manitou Bruiser Evas Manitou Gator Kares Brush Busting Lightning Eugene Kares Brian Eva 2 0 1
Fifty Hi-Tone Ruger Moneysuck Slick 50 Reggie Hitone Becky Larry Campbell Larry Campbell 2 0 1