15" Females

Name Sire Dam Breeder Owner Total Points # Wins #Places
FCGD Topfuel Racin Ruby FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester Jakes Blue Belle II John Brightbill & Dane Kenell John Brightbill & Jason Gibson 48 1 11
Live Action Annie Get Your Gun FC Dago Valley Bullet FC Huberts Riddle Run Mach One Mili Jim Willoughby Jim Willoughby & Dereck Foster 28 2 5
Rileys Rolling Miss Dixie Rileys Bad Moe Foe Jr Rices All Out Amy Roger Stocton Riley Rollin Kennel 24 2 4
White Oak Creek Shanas Lil Shea FC Chimney Rocks KY Lucky FCGD White Oak Creeks Jadas Shana Scott & Bill Music Scott & Bill Music 22 2 4
Evas Manitou Bella FC Cereal City Wango Tango Evas Manitou Belle Brian Eva & Eugene Kares Brian Eva 17 1 4
Wileys Purdy Gurl Purl Brankos Spotty Beast Mountain Top Once in a Blue Moon Jody Hurley Dustin Fuson & Anthony Wood 15 1 2
Fugates Rough Creek Abby Rickys Hard Hittin Tyson Ricky Big Doll Ricky Merida Aaron Fugate 12 1 2
DT Bartons Chubby Kat FC Brankos Chubby Checkers Lone Acres Big Bad Bailey Dan Barton Kelly Bonnette 11 1 2
Live Action Milis Madness FCGD Dago Valley Bullet FC Huberts Riddle Run Mach One Mili Jim Willoughby Jim Willoughby & Dereck Foster 11 0 2
Make Em Tap Out Sally Kick Me Out Wags Roy Little Lady III Roy Manns Chad Wallace 10 1 2
Real Big Deal Cookie FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester Jakes Blue Belle II Dan Spalding  Jason Gibson & Dan Spalding 8 1 2
Chapel Valleys Abby FC Mountain Ash Dino Quaker Knob Jill Jamie Riddle Jonathan Collins 8 0 2
Swing & Rockhills Ft Tae Swings Rockhill Dillon Swing & Gaines Shay Trent Wood Barry Hutchinson 7 1 1
Cedar Creeks Gracie FCGD Dago Valley Bullet FCGD Huberts Riddle Run Mach One Milli Jim Willoughby Jon Witt 7 0 2
Roe's Audacious Indigo FCGD Switchs Bodacious Spencers White Feather   Tony Roe 7 0 2
Rosss R&R Bleached Blonde FCLP Peters P&P Iceman II FC Smokin Joes Penny Joe Alexander Duane Ross 7 0 1
Chenoweth Fork Ruby Spencers Blue Thunder Chenoweth Fork Jazzy Kenny Williams Kenny Wilburn 6 1 1
Summas Lucy Kick Me Out Wags Roy Little Lady III Roy Manns Gary Summa 6 1 1
Chase Em Down Running On Faith Devines Blue Swtich Blade Devines Hurricane Helen Donald Devine Cody Stump 6 0 1
Crystals Doc Lady FCGD Brankos Doc Watson FCGD Durhams Lilly Denny Dugan Denny Dugan 6 0 2
Maynards Dot NLPC FC Cedar Beck Oliver FC Maynards Echo Robert Maynard Colton Jaquay 6 0 2
Rebel Running Poison Ivy Big Beavers Mr. Pay Sir Big Beaver Zee Tyler Howell Rodney Bums & Bailey Seeyer 6 0 1
Talkabout Alice FCGD Hornbills Topfuel Chester NLPC FC Talkabout Dotty Donald Hoog Donald Hoog 6 0 1
Crooked C's Cupcake Tate Murphys Dreaming Demon Scroghams Red Tick Rose C David Martin Brad Sizemore & Ricky Depaula 5 0 1
Go Josie Go FCLP Amons Riverland Sampson Goodtimes Super Chic Brian Atkinson Ricky Depaula 5 0 1
Hertly's Hard Hitting Ice Rices Hard Earned Cash Hicksters Race Ya To The Bottle Antony Roe Hertly Andrus 5 0 1
M & K's Bosie Heckmans Boy Named Sue Black River Lidsey Lola Mike Seaman Mike Seaman 5 0 1
Plover River Reba FCGD Clear Creek Hoss FC Townlines Honey Bea Scott Wade Dustin Fuson & Anthony Wood 5 0 1
Ricks Candy Cane Courters Bad Run Of Luck FCGD Honky Tonk Jenny Richard Depaula Richard Depaula 5 0 1
Sports Turbo Charged Shelby FC Pinnacle Hill Sport Glassers Turbo Powered Genie Brian McMullen Frank Litavish 5 0 1
White Oak Creeks Bellas Myka FC Dago Valley Bullet FC White Oak Creek Jadas Bella Scott & Bill Music Scott & Bill Music 5 0 2
Fuzzys Molly Smiths Hillbilly Zack E Boy Smiths Storming Sarah Wes Smith Anthony Wood & Wade Vance 4 0 1
M & K's Gaven Twisted Sister Heckmans Boy Named Sue M & K's Miss Ruby Mike Seaman Kory Falor 4 0 1
Old School BeBe Tombacs Bumper to Bumper Perkins Run & Gun Sable Chad Blair Chad Gray 4 0 1
Blackburns Sophia Blackburns Rabbit Running Preacher Blackburns Blue Sky Paul Blackburn Paul Blackburn 3 0 1
Blanks Moonshine Music PB Blue Goose Blanks Moonshine Curtis Blank Curtis Blank 3 0 1
Cutthroat Ragin Cajun FCLP Greenhills Red Dust Cutthroat Kickin Kahuls Hosea Haralson Hosea Haralson 3 0 1
Hee Haws Rock Run Ruckus FC Saussers Jack Rock Run Tricky Times Donald Willis Jason Gibson 3 0 1
Simple Pleasures Pearl Wagers Good As Cash Hard Knocks Slice & Dice   Anthony Seconsky 3 0 1
Thompsons Speck Of Ninja Peytons Hard Hitting Blue Ninji Foxy Sox Cotton Tim Thompson Tim Thompson 3 0 1
Woodlawns Cajun Bella Moneysunk Slick 50 Reggies Hi Tone Becky Larry Cambell Micheal Baye 3 0 1
Cedar Creeks Heidi FC Pinnacle Hill Sport Four Mile Preaching Blue Dixie Greg Hofer Greg Hofer 2 0 1
Rileys Rollin C2R Cruella Miles Rolling Dice C2R Blue Sable Greg Lucas Rileys Rolling Kennels 2 0 1
Spur Hollow Ms Dasiy FC Chesters Topfuel Torque Sports Turbo Charged Shelby Frank Litavish Frank Litavish 2 0 1
Thompsons Sporty Girl Krahebuhls Chief Bluegrass Maggie Freddie Krahebuhl Tim Thompson 1 0 1