15" Combined

Name Sire Dam Breeder Owner Total Points # Wins #Places
Big Hill Ghost Ryder FCGD Bachmans Tuffer Than Yers Round Mountain Cindy Dwight Mahaffey & Anthony Hall Richard Depaula 25 2 5
Fork Swamp Banchee FCGD Rileys Bad Moe Foe FCGD Peters P&P Dixie Clara Allen Rileys Rolling Kennels 9 1 2
Blackburns Brute Blackburns Papers Wagers Super Star Mark Bowling Paul Blackburn 7 1 1
Chase 'em Down Blackjack Skyview Thunder Hayes Bugsy Sidney Allen Hayes Cody Stumph 7 0 2
Depaulas Bo On The Go Willie Hitone Booster Goodys Lock Lucy Keith Goodrich Richard Depaula 6 0 2
Lil O's Mr PJ FCGD Big Beavers Mr Pay Sir Tolers Jo Jo Jacob Toler Tyler Howell 5 1 1
C's Run Em Round Numero Uno TX's Big Slick TX's Lucky Shawn Sexton Caleb Smith 5 0 1
Rileys Rolling Cool Hand Luke FCLP Petersons P&P Iceman II Maple Hill Blue Carly Chris Hopkins Rileys Rolling Kennels 5 0 1
CrossRoad Freckled Frank Knipps Blueberry Flash Jay Jays Jammin Jessie Jo Douglas Stone Edward Jones/Ricky Depaula 4 0 1
K and R's Shiny Copper Blackburns Rockstar Grassy Branch Patches John Smith Josh Milliner 4 0 1
Hogbranch Diane FCGD Noe Him By Topfuel Big Simba FCGD Talkabout Gertrude David Tallo Barry Hutchinson 3 0 1
Poors FP Puss-Puss Shirleys HK Fat Daddy Prop Poors HK Patchwork Ricky Poor Ricky Poor 3 0 1
Robinsons Blue Smoke Sounder FCGD Cross Creek Cowboy Jack FC Jump-N-Run Xena Jeff Martin Ronnie Robinson 3 0 1
WhiteHeads Kinsey Whiteheads Hollywood Whiteheads Cutie Roy Whitehead Roy Whitehead 3 0 1
Nehi Burlap Winding Blade Blue Ray Big Bertha Butts Jerry Eversole Jerry Eversole 2 0 1
Rileys Rolling Digger FCLP Awful Bawling Get A Wack Ater FCLP Huntspur Sweet & Low Suki Gary L Bidwell Rileys Rolling Kennels 2 0 1
Fork Swamp R&R Beach Blonde FDGD Rileys Bad Moe Foe FCGD Peters P&P Dixie Clara Allen Duane Ross 1 0 1
Ross's R&R Blonde Bombshell FCLP Peters P&P Iceman  FCLP Smokey Joes Penny Joe Alexander Duane Ross 1 0 1