**New for 2020**
Jr Handler will program will be starting on Jan 10 at the Mid Ky trial .  
Crooked C's Cupcake Tate

Sire: Murphys Dreaming Demon

Dam: Scoghams Red Tick Rose

Breeder : C David Martin

Owners : Ricky Depaula & Brad Sizemore

1st @ Run Off Championship  27 Entires

2nd @ Mid Ky 14 Entires
Jaquays Whiskey

Sire: FC Wes's Whitey

Dam: FCGD Mayards Echo

Breeder : Robert Maynard

Owners : Colton Jaquay

2nd @ Run Off Championship  25 Entires

1st @ Mid Ky 12 Entires